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Frequently Asked Questions

1)What is the cancellation policy?

(A). A 24-hour notice must be given for any cancellation or the student(s) will be charged for a full lesson unless an absolute emergency has arisen.

(B). If you miss more than one lesson in a month. The student will have to make up the lesson(s) that have been missed either on another day of the week or on the next available weekend.

(C). If a the student gets sick that morning of the lesson they must call the cancellation in before 10 AM or you will be charged for that lesson.

2) What is our Payment Policy?

Payments will be made upon completion of class.


3) Why do you give a free lesson and consultation?

This is done to evaluate the student

        (1) see how interested a new student is;

        (2) see abilities of someone is who all ready taking piano lessons.


4) Do you only teach from the music lesson books?

I do teach from music lesson books but also think is important to add music that a student would like to learn to keep them interested.

If a student has a special song they would like to learn, I will try to find a version of the song that the student would be able to play.


5) Do you give recitals?

This is a question that many students have asked me.

Yes, I do give recitals. The first one being in the end of March. Then, every 6 months thereafter.


6) Do you only teach children?

The answer to this question is No - We teach all age groups - including Seniors, Adults, Teenagers, and School Age Children.


7) How long should a practice be?

To begin, if you have a younger child, 15 minutes a day is the right amount of time for a child to practice.

If they practice any longer, the child may lose interest. Then, as they progress, a half an hour a day.

Adults should practice a half hour a day. The more you practice the more you can advance.


8) Are weekend lessons available?

Yes, not only do we offer weekday lessons but are available on weekends as well.


9) Do we teach scales?

Not only do we teach scales but we also teach chords as well at the beginning of each lesson.

This helps the fingers to get warmed up and ready to play.

After the child has a been taught most of the scales - we then introduce Junior Hanon.

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