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Hello:  My name is Sharon Dehmer and I am the President of Long Island Piano Lessons and NYMSAA Certified. I would now like to tell you more about myself.

One Christmas when I was a youngster my parents’ bought my sister and I a new piano. I was full of excitement and joy that they were willing to let me have a great opportunity to learn to play such an amazing instrument. The piano teacher that taught me for many years gave me high hopes in learning the piano, and I came to understand quickly how she really wanted me to progress through her teachings. As I became better and better, she became happier and happier. We both benefited from her teaching. As I grew in my love for the piano, it became more of a need and less of a want to play the best I could. It became a life-long endeavor to make progress and perfect each and every song I played.

In my twenties, I began playing for Christmas programs in my church. Then, as I progressed, friends and relatives requested that I play at their parties, weddings, and other events as well. During this time, I fulfilled one of my biggest goals in my piano life and that was to play at Carnegie Hall. It was one of the best experiences I had ever had. Nervous yes, but exciting even more.

For many years, I was not sure which career path to follow. I received my Associates’ Degree as a single parent at SUNY Farmingdale and also received my Health and Life insurance licenses. Neither of which fulfilled a need/desire for my future. Many relatives and friends kept on advising me to teach the piano but I found it to be more of a hobby than a career.

I began to observe and admire my daughter’s piano teacher and how she truly enjoyed teaching. Then, at the end of the lesson, how accomplished they both felt, teacher and student, alike. Soon after, I also met someone who owned their own music business. The more I spoke to him, the more I could see that this was what I was looking for for so many years. I truly believe that now I have found the right path for me.

I now continue to play for church and Christmas programs and truly believe it is time to convey my love for playing to the next generation. Each parent and child has their own dreams of seeing their children play an instrument. In my own opinion, the piano is one of many instruments that can be chosen. My daughter now plays both the piano as well as the cello. Piano is also a good mechanism for learning math and reading for school. It involves keeping time, numbers, and giving full attention to reading each note correctly and with sensitivity.

I now have over 32  students under my wing and am continuing to grow. Each one has their own dreams and desires to what they would like to accomplish. Each student needs to be molded and shaped to his/her own perfection. I promise that I will make every effort to get them to where they want to be. As a teacher, this is truly my deepest endeavor – to make each student achieve more than they think they possibly can as long as we both do our parts and work together.





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