LONG ISLAND PIANO LESSONS is fully geared to the Piano. 

Most lessons run 30 minutes for beginners, but they can increase as the Student progresses to the next level or advancement. Their teaching time will also increase to 45 or 1 hour lessons. 

They can also be arranged in a time period that does not conflict with their busy schedules. 

THE FOLLOWING POLICIES: For those wishing to take piano lessons are:

A 24 hour notice must be given for any cancellations or the student(s) will be charged for a full lesson.

 Payments will be made at the end of each lesson or if a weekly or monthly payment plan has been established (weekly or monthly plans are prepaid in advance of the class).



New NOTES - including 8th notes, dotted quarter notes

Learn to play songs with both hands in the treble (G) clef

Additional scales   First and second endings   -finger pattern


Begin to play songs combining 3 notes in the treble clef (G) bass (F) clef

Major, minor and non-triad tones   Tonic and dominant

New notes above upper C and below lower C

Begin to play songs in 4 parts - 2 notes in the treble (G) clef and 2 in the bass (B) clef

Holds  Ritardando (rit)  tempos  When to use the pedal

More volume - fortissimo (ff) and pianisimo (pp)


Key of C   Continuation of Songs in the Treble Clef

6th Intervals   Songs in Bass (F) Clef

Key of G Major  Triplets  Key of F Major  Key of B(b) Major

NEW time signatures   Sliding the Thumb Under

Songs Include:

Alouette    Star Wars   Skip to My Lou   Beautiful Dreamer

The Wind Beneath My Wings  



Learning songs with all techniques in Levels I through IV

***Once all scales have been taught, Junior Hanon will be introduced



Middle C          F clef / Bass clef  

NOTES - Basic - A through G    G clef / treble clef

basic scales    measure  dotted quarter note

volume - including soft and loud

half note   double bar, end of song

quarter note  slur  whole note  octave higher / octave lower

fingerings  2nd, 3rds, 4ths, and 5ths  basic time signatures.



landmarks (C and G)

New NOTES - including notes in the second octave (D, A and others)

New NOTES - above middle C in the bass clef and below middle C in the treble clef

flats  sharps  naturals  rests   staccatos   repeat signs  ties

New VOLUME signs - including mf, mp

continuation of octave higher / octave lower

continuation of 2nds, 3rds, 4ths, and 5ths

Begin to play songs with both hands using both treble (G) and bass (F) clefs



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